1995: Baseball strikes out, comes back swinging

Strike out Concludes

By Katherine M.

After a forced year off due to legal disagreements causing a slightly shortened season the baseball teams came back to work in 1995.  

The longest strike in baseball commenced on August 12, 1994. The last six weeks of the season were lost as well as the World Series. The strike lasted for 232 days. According to “This Day in History” website it was the first time in 89 years that baseball did not crown a champion. The strike was caused because negotiations over a new deal could not be worked out between the players and owners.

The decision that the strike would come to an end was made on March 31st 1995 by Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Sotomayor is considered by some to have saved baseball. If the dispute had continued it’s hard to say how it could’ve turned out. According to “TimeU.S.” the judge attended a two and a half hearing where she listened to both the players and the owners views. After only fifteen minutes she ruled in favor of the players.

The players finally returned to work on April 2nd of that same year after achieving their goal. According to “This day in history” baseball fans were not forgiving. Attendance at games in 1995 was one of the lowest in years. The average attendance per game descended from 31 000 to just 25 000. It wasn’t until Cal Ripken broke the record for most consecutive games that fans became more forgiving. In 1995 the World Series resumed and the Atlanta Braves were the champions. Negotiations over deals have run fairly smoothly since 1994.








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