1995: World Leaders 1995

by John M. 

The year 1995 was a diverse and prolific timeframe in the political world. Many large changes and movements were present at this time making it a strong point to reference the active world leaders.

In 1995 Canada was being led by Jean Chretien and the liberal party. He was a token of progressive change in Canada.

Jean Chretien was Canada’s Prime Minister in 1995.

The German leader at the time was Chancellor Helmut Kohl leader of the German conservative party.

The US was lead by President Bill Clinton’s administration in 1995, his administration offered a lot of drama, scandal and easy news stories for the media. 1995 overall was a peaceful year in terms of global conflicts in comparison to now. 1995 possessed some of the most prolific world leaders to date, Bill Clinton was the last president to actually get a surplus in his terms. Jean Chretien allowed for many progressive changes in Canada. In conclusion the year 1995 allowed for both overall peace and advancement in many political  areas.


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