Acadia U: personalized education in Wolfville, NS

Fredericton High for Acadia

by Michaela F.

What is in Acadia University that would benefit the students of Fredericton High School?

After all we have 2 great univeristies right in our backyard that offer a good variety of courses for students to choose from so why should student make the move from Fredericton, New Brunswick all the way to Wolfville, Nova Scotia?

I had the honor of meeting with Robyn Zajac who is the environment advisor for Acadia who gave me some insight on the different aspects of Acadia “We have really small class sizes which is nice so you can come from this big high school you have here you get class sizes that are similar to the class sizes you have here. Our average class size is 28 students so nice small classes. We offer over 200 degree progams so lots of flexibility in your choices. If you are looking to pair two different majors together then that’s diffentatly an option for students.”

Robyn went on to tell me about the different things that make Acadia uniquesuch as the small class sizes, different degree programes and combinations as well as one other aspect that I haven’t seen from other universities “The personalized education that we can offer you because of our small small university size we can offer you one on one contact with your professors.”

There is a boarding pass program where if you go visit the campus for a tour and see what an average day for a student is like at Acadia and if you decide to go to Acadia as your university they will refund you your travel money. There is an Open House on October 19th where you can have a tour of the campuse, enjoy a complementary lunch in the dining hall and get a chance to meet professors for academic advice. Over all I think Acadia is a promising university and one that student of Fredericton High should look into.


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