Can FHS Kats become Dal Tigers?

By Katherine M.

Representatives of Dalhousie University were present at FHS College fair in hopes of attracting new students this coming year.

The Dalhousie University table in the FHS gym was crowded with interested students. Not a surprise considering the University’s great reputation. The school is one of eight post-secondary institutions located in the mid-sized city of Halifax, not too far from home for Fredericton students. Mitchell Bragg, former student and university representative, said there is one great thing he loves about the university. “The location. It’s an amazing city.” He also said, “It’s a great student city.”

Dalhousie has many options for students to choose from. According to the view book, there are over 4,000 classes in 180 degree programs. This causes Dalhousie to have an impressive student body of 18 000 students. Class sizes are big but the professors are highly qualified and the research options are great. There are 270 clubs and organizations for students to get involved in and 23 varsity teams to try out for. For students who would prefer smaller classes there are other options. Mitchell Bragg was enrolled in a unique program where the class size was significantly smaller. There was more familiarity with the students and professor. If the campus size is intimidating there is another campus located in Truro with only 1000 students. Mandy McDonald, university representative, attended the Truro campus where she said she met many great friends and had a great experience. She also played volley ball during her four years. The options for extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs are still there.

Despite what peoples interests are they will be able to find something at Dalhousie. Mandy McDonald said that FHS students should consider Dalhousie because of their variety of options and quality education. Also it is a chance to be more independent without being extremely far from Fredericton. There are a wide range of opportunities from academics, arts, sports and everything in between.


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