Editorial: Video Announcements Roar



by Samm J.

In the second semester of last year’s school term FHS adopted a new way to promote school events; video announcements. Although the district had good intentions when developing the idea, the supposed ‘improvements’ to the morning info delivery caused an upheaval of discontent from the students. As a result, they decided to take it one step further.

This is how the Daily Roar made itself heard.

This group of nine students (who affectionately dubbed their newscast the “DR”) have taken on the responsibility of directing, producing and broadcasting the “new-and-improved” video announcements. The school board dumped $10,000 into the co-op program, buying new equipment and installing a soundproof recording studio over the summer. So far their efforts are being met with enchanted enthusiasm.

Many things about the old video announcements and the DR remain the same; they have two anchors, are filmed by students and, of course, read the announcements. However, a lot of people complained that the old ones were uninteresting and boring. Shauna, an FHS student, said, “It was really low quality, and people weren’t very lively when speaking.” Some, like Mackenzie, went so far as to say they were “a waste of her time.” Even Mrs. Cameron, a teacher, said she simply “hated them.”

Well, the DR listened to its viewers’ complaints and did something about them. The new announcements roll a captivating intro video before opening to a pair of anchors who read the news in an upbeat manor from an off-camera slide show. Text appears onscreen for date-heavy info so it becomes easier to remember. Just like in a real newscast a header continually shows the date, while the anchors’ names slide in and out of view at the bottom of the screen. A new ‘Spotlight’ section is being introduced where two reporters roam the halls and get the latest scoop on what’s up at FHS. Needless to say, the DR is really taking advantage of the visual aspects.

Not only are they more appealing to watch, but because these announcements are filmed just one period prior to when they are broadcasted, it gives teachers the chance to get their messages in on time. On top of that, the old video announcements were choppy and almost uncomfortable to watch – whereas the Daily Roar is filmed and edited with professional software and posted to YouTube in high quality.

The new video announcements are concise, professional, and alluring. Last year’s attempt was a great start, and now it’s time for the Daily Roar team to take things to the next level – and that’s exactly what they are doing. With only two appearances thus far, students and faculty alike are already very pleased with the major improvements. Says Vanessa, a grade twelve student; “It’s great! I actually really like it.” The principal himself said, “This is exactly what we’ve been working toward for the past few years.”



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