EDITORIAL FHS can do more for more

Lack of help for struggling students at FHS

Some students need extra help. They are just not obvious about it.

By Elena C. 

It’s time for all the students at FHS to be treated fairly.  There are many students at FHS who struggle with learning difficulties and receive little to no help whatsoever. I’m not talking about the kids who have obvious learning difficulties like autism, Downs’s syndrome, etc. or who have a TA. I’m talking about students who are dyslexic or who have visual learning issues or who suffer from sever test anxiety and because it’s not clear to others they get made out to be lazy, acting out or stupid.      

Students study and work hard to get good grades in school but it’s not always as easy for some. It’s the students who have learning challenges and don’t learn in the same way as everyone else does who suffer the most. Our school doesn’t do a whole lot to accommodate these students in their classes and with their work so that it’s a little less stressful for them.

 The mother of a dyslexic child said “Every year I have to start over with my daughter’s new teachers and explain to them what she needs to support her learning.” Even parents are frustrated with school and how little they tend to the students who struggle with learning problems.  I myself have dyslexia and am constantly having to work twice has hard just to be able to understand the work and keep up with everyone else in my classes.

 Teachers assume that if you have any leaning problem then the solution is to make the work easier by putting you into the lower lever classes, dumb down the work for you. That isn’t fair to the students who learn differently or have learning challenges because you aren’t giving them a chance when they are just as capable of doing the work as everyone else in the classes. People with dyslexia are as smart as everyone else they just learn in a different way and the school hasn’t seemed to figure that out yet.  

To me it seems like some of the teachers at this school just don’t seem to want to put in the time and help out the struggling students. Even if it’s just doing things like giving out their notes instead of them copying them down, or giving extra time for tests and assignments. Parents should not have to fight or explain to the teachers about the accommodations that students need to help them learn better, it should be something that the school’s method and rescore teachers be on top of.


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