FHS Grads consider Gaming and Animation Institute

Here we have Cristophe, grade 12 student, interviewing a representative from GAIF.
Photo credit: Victoria M.

FHS College Fair: GAIF

By Chris S.

The Gaming and Animation Instute of Fredericton was present at the FHS College Fair.

The GAIF is located at the Downtown area of Fredericton, which is attracts FHS students because of the closeness. It can be used as for apprenticeship or a step in between high school and University, but does not give credits for University.

Gaif is a very small College, it has only 14 students, but this makes it easier to involve everyone. There is a good chance of getting a seat, if you really want to go there and show this to the instructors. The courses are short, only 15 month, which provides fast experience.

“We are a school with short, intense courses, focused on getting people into the gaming and animation industries,” said Dave Rigby.

The instructors and the students have a very good relationship to each other. They do activities like playing boardgames or paintball togehter. Also, the college provides a internal Facebook group where the students are able to communicate with each other.

The College provides courses in 3D animation and modeling for Games, 2D animation, and Game desingn. There is a schoolfee of $23,500 and an additional $2,300 for technical equipment.

Students get to know different compounds of Games, such as level desingning and character designing. Knowledge in programming and artistic talent are welcome abilities. The College works with eMentors, these people are from companies and have experience in the gaming and animation industry. They help students with their work, and give a chance of getting into one of these companies.

A few eMentors are Brad Waddingmam, Ubisoft; Mark Povey, Telos International; and Gavin Goulden, Irrational Games. Students are welcome to pass there work in anytime and do at the end of their schooltime a game themselves in groups with others.

For more information visit: http://www.thegaif.com


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