by Samm J. 

Fredericton High School’s own sophomore band Eric of Many Hats scored a gig in the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival this weekend. 

The members – none of whom are named Eric – joined together for last year’s Battle of the Bands, where they tied for first as Fan’s Choice and placed third overall. With Vitta Morales as lead singer, Tate LeJeune on guitar, Thomas Cardoso-Grant working rhythm, and Joey Landine on the drums (and “the heart strings”), these young men have already written nine original songs. 

Music comes in all shapes and forms. According to Cardoso-Grant, the songs are “‘alternative’ because that can go to anything.” The members did agree that their style is definitely rock based. 

Although they joked about being a new band in a sea of such well-known performers, the overall feeling between them was enthusiasm. “Yeah, I’m excited for harvest,” said Cardoso-Grant, and LeJeune agreed that it was “a really good opportunity to get [their] name out there.” 

The concert is being held indoors, a fact that could be worrisome to an all-electric group. Still, the band had no complaints.  

“This is our first big performance,” said Landine. “It’s really great to be playing in the same Festival as the big name bands. We are psyched. ” 

Eric of Many Hats will be performing at Read’s Newsstand on the 14th at 7pm, and on the 15th at 1pm.


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