Mount Allison University: “Awesome Academics”

By Elena C.

Every year Fredericton High School hosts a college fair for the grade 11 and grade 12 students.  Different universities from Canada come to the high school so the students can see what options they have and what they might want to do. 

The college fair can always be a little bit intimidating, especially for the graduates to be, because it’s a reminder that high school is ending and it’s time to figure out where they want to go after graduation.  While I was there looking at all the different schools I took the time to inquire about Mount Allison University.  Mount A is located in Sackville NB, which is a small town close to the New Brunswick/Nova Scotia border.  If you’re looking for a quiet place to learn away from a busy city this would be a good school for you.  Mount A has about 2600 students and is primarily an undergraduate school.

When I was interviewing the Mount A representative, Jennifer Maybank, about why it’s a good school she said “Mount A offers a wide range of degree options for students. The school has the flexibility to allow students to pretty well design their own degrees and they have tons of extra-curriculars for students”.

Mount Allison is a good school for students who are “looking for a comprehensive experience” said the representative.  Mount Allison is a great school full of awesome academics and extra-curricular activities to challenge students and these are just some of the reasons why Mount A would like FHS students to consider them as a school to attend.


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