Newfoundland’s Memorial University attracts FHS grads

Kevin Galway and Jennifer Howell from Memorial University.
Photo credit: Victoria M.

Considering Memorial University?

By Tanisha L.

Memorial University is the largest university in Atlantic Canada with almost 19 000 students studying in more than 100 different programs.

It is the only university in the province of Newfoundland and offers a wide variety of programs to choose from, such as arts, business, education, engineering, kinesiology, medicine, music, nursing, pharmacy, science and social work.

According to Kevin Galway, the student recruitment officer at Memorial, the university feels like a large community. “It’s huge,” said Galway. He grew up in Newfoundland and chose to stay home for university.

There are approximately 15 000 undergraduates studying at the university’s largest campus in St. John’s, the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador. With four main campuses, Memorial University offers a quality education to every student. For students who wish to study abroad, the Harlow Campus in England give them an opportunity to travel.

Fredericton High School is the top applicant high school from the region. Last year, Memorial University received approximately twenty applications from Fredericton High. To be eligible for admission, New Brunswick students must successfully complete their grade twelve year with an overall average of 70 per cent in the following courses: English 122, Advanced Math 120, Biology 122/Chemistry 122/Physics 122 and History/World Issues/Geography 120.

Since Memorial is the only university in Newfoundland, they receive the full amount of government funding which is why they can provide cheap education. Tuition costs $2,550 for Canadian students. There are many scholarships available to students planning to attend Memorial.

For more information concerning Memorial University of Newfoundland, visit


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