Should FHS grads consider Cape Breton U?

Cape Breton University

By Melissa M.

There are so many choices for FHS students in deciding which University to go to.

Cape Breton  University is located on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, which is ranked as the number one island  destination in North America

Ashley Laurence,  a recruitment and admissions officer for CBU said “ It’s a beautiful spot, with unique programmes for students”.

The best programmes offered for students are nursing and Public Health, Laurence said.

The Public health Programme is unique to Cape Breton University. According to their website, “This program aims to support the development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes identified as core competencies for public health practice.”

Another reason why students should go to CBU is because of the size of the school. Typical class sizes are 38, which is closer to the size high school students are used to.  Overall  there are  around 3200 students currently enrolled there.

Laurence was excited to share with prospective students about the new Irving room which is brand new to the campus, state of the art,  and the only  one like it in Canada.

According to the student handbook tuition  is currently  around $6000 for Canadian students excluding those from Nova Scotia.  CBU also  offers more than 1 million in scholarships. For a minimum average of 85% a $2,000  is offered.

One reason why students might choose to attend CBU is the abundance of Celtic culture. It is an amazing place for students to learn Gaelic, in the only Gaelic community outside of Europe, According to their website. And of course attend Ceilidhs’.

Cape Breton University is a hands on learning environment, with lots of possibilities, amazing location,  and enthusiastic school spirit.

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