SMALL BUT MIGHTY: St. Stephen U offers U-niqueness

by Samm Jean

Just because St. Stephen’s University is local, it doesn’t mean students will be hanging around NB to get their education. 

According to Nicola Gladwell, a recent SSU graduate, this tiny school offers some enormous experiences. “By my fourth year I had travelled to fourteen countries,” she said. “What other school lets you earn a degree while travelling the world?” 

St. Stephen’s is the smallest university in Canada, with less than 120 on-campus students. The reason for the low numbers? Scholars are required to study abroad as a part of their education, which means that most of the population is spread out over the globe. One of the school’s beliefs is that the world is only as big as you make it. Their goal is to help young minds learn to think critically, to reason and to reflect. 

“You discover what makes you who you are,” said Gladwell. She said she enjoys the close-knit community. “We live together, we cook together, we eat together – and we also travel together.” 

St. Stephen’s is unique in that its four-year program includes sessions that take scholars to over twelve countries, including Germany, France, Kenya, Thailand, and Malaysia.  Students have the opportunity not only to learn about new cultures, but also to experience them. 

Galdwell was very enthusiastic as to why FHS graduates should consider attending this school. “Going to SSU was one of the best decisions of my life! I think that almost everyone could prosper at SSU.”


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