University & College Fair: Atlantica Centre

Jesse T. 

University & College Fair: Atlantica Centre

The annual University & College fair came to FrederictonHigh School on Friday morning. The Atlantica Centre for the Arts in Saint John, NB was one of the schools that had a booth set up.

 Jim Kuehnel is the general manager of the school and was on hand to answer questions.  

“The tuition is currently 12,500$ for all programs, but if you work in NB for four years afterwards, you can get half of your tuition back” Said Kuehnel, when asked about the costs of attending the school.            

When asked about what would make students want to go to the school, his response was this. “All the programs are one year programs and are very hands on based. We work with each individual student to tailor to their interests.”            

The broadcasting program for example, works with Rogers TV, which means that students will be able to showcase their skills that they develop while in the course. The class sizes are very small, with the maximum being 10. yes, I said 10!  

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One response to “University & College Fair: Atlantica Centre

  1. Hi, thank you for writing this profile. Meeting students at career fairs is one of the most fun parts of the job.
    I’m glad you were able to have a good chat with Jim, I just wanted to mention that the $12,500 is the cost for the New Broadcast Media program. We also have programs in 3D animation, Recording Arts, Graphic Design and Mobile App development. The tuition for each of our programs is a little different because they’re different lengths and cost us a different amount to run.
    I’d like to invite you to visit us on Facebook and to visit our our website to learn more about our courses and the great careers they lead to
    We encourage students to come in for a tour to see our state of the art facility and meet our instructors, we take tours on evening and weekends to help students who don’t live in Saint John. You can book a tour here
    Again, thank you so much for profiling our school, you can email me at if you’d like to do a more in-depth piece, and if you don’t mind we’re going to link to your article from our Facebook.

    John Case
    Dir. New Broadcast Media
    Dir. Communications

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