FHS NEWS: Changes to schedule means students get time to study

Study Hall comes to FHS

By Katherine M.

Returning FHS students will have to become accustomed to a new addition to their schedules this upcoming year.

Traditionally students have gone to Homeroom upon arriving at school in the mornings. Now students must go straight to their first period at 8:30.

The daily bell schedule has been modified to accommodate a study hall. After second period students must go to study hall and combined homeroom to complete school work and take care of homeroom responsibilities before continuing on to third period.  

The reactions to this change have been both good and bad. Most students seem to like it with only a few minor complaints.

Alicia G., grade twelve student, said, “I think it’s a good idea but, where it is during the day maybe isn’t the best.”.

The study hall is good for students who have work to do but for some students with lighter course loads it doesn’t have as much value.

Chelsea C., grade twelve student, said, “Personally I don’t really like it but, that’s mostly because I don’t have any classes that I need to do work for in study hall. I think I’ll like it more next semester.”.


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