Editorial: To skin or not to skin?

Are too many students coming to school in a state of undress?

To Skin, Or Not To Skin?

          By Victoria M.         

          Skin, skin, and gradually more skin showing has been a rapidly growing fad, especially amongst girls, at Fredericton High School.

          Where do we draw the line between attractive and slobby?

          Why aren’t the enforcers of the dress code (teachers and faculty) saying anything about it anymore?

          Last year at FHS, students would be forced to call home if they weren’t following the dress code. Sure, the students didn’t have to wear a uniform, but things like short-shorts, cleavage, most tank tops, t-shirts with inappropriate content and showing belly skin were a big no-no.

          This year, students have been walking through the halls almost as if it’s the playboy mansion. You see more tummy skin in class than you do on the beach. Yet no teachers are reacting to the increase in testosterone flowing to the male population’s heads due to this extreme outbreak in female skin.

          On the other hand, females aren’t the only ones breaking the dress code. Lately guys have been wearing their pants so low they might as well be showing up to school in their boxers.

          This increased rate of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone make education and school the last thing on students’ minds, even when they’re in the building!

          Does no one have any class anymore?


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