EDITORIAL How to make Home Room more meaningful

Home Room Period Advice

By Chris S.

New this year is, that the advisory period has been moved from first to third period. This means that the students begin school right with their first lesson. After period two, they go to their assigned homeroom and listen to the announcements, but the time after the announcements is supposed to be used for homework.

The thing is, that the advisory period is too short to start doing homework and too long to do nothing.

In my opinion, the time from the advisory period should be cut down to ten minutes and the rest of it either added to the lunchtime or end school earlier. It also seems weird that “O Canada” is played in the middle of the day instead of the beginning of a new day, the period destructs your “flow” of learning. It is nice to talk, but since you stop doing something you get tired. Also, when you go straight to your first period in the morning, you are still tired, and homeroom before period one always gave time to realize that you are in school now.

The good thing about third period is, that you can talk to your homeroom teacher about something that came to your mind during the first two periods, it also gives you a little break to get your thoughts in order and maybe think about something you heard in the periods before. It is nice to have sometime where there is not always someone explaing and talking, and supposes that you remember.

So my advice is, that either lunchtime should be longer or school time shorter.


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