EDITORIAL Stop Stopping In The Halls!

by Jesse T.

 This September, I started Grade 12. This is my fourth year at FrederictonHigh School and you think people would understand how to roam the halls, right? I mean with 2000+ students in the building, and the overall size of the building, the flow of people walking down the halls would be pretty steady, but apparently, people don’t know how to walk right.

And no, I don’t mean the graduates of the Ministry of Silly Walks or something, I mean they just STOP RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE! They won’t look around and see if anyone is behind you or beside you. It seems to be a big problem with the grade 9 students. They stare at there phones and either stop where they are or if you pass them on the side, they move over and you have to back out. Its not rocket science, people! I know I’m a big NASCAR fan, and I should know how to pass people like I know how to pass cars, but somehow, it’s a complicated process to walk by someone in these halls. People who are also in relationships, like I am, tend to stop in the middle of said “Intersection” and wait for their significant other and make out. Especially if Lunch or Break is starting. I don’t do this. I tend to avoid my girlfriend until Lunch and after school to see her. This is a very big problem because other people are trying to get to other places and people just don’t care where other people are as long as they get to do what they want.  

When I started walking these halls 4 years ago, I knew how to navigate the halls and not block people in. It seems to be a problem at what I call the “Intersections”. These are the areas where hallways connect, and it seems to be a mad cluster when someone has to turn down a different hall. Even when they don’t have to turn, you have to make a bunch of extra steps to get away from someone and even then you don’t have enough room. The stairs are one of the worst areas because people are always cutting each other off and running up and down the stairs. I might say that its like Rush Hour traffic except you can’t roll up the windows and listen to the radio, unless you have an iPod.  

What the school really needs to do is set up some designated times before class ends when they can say “Grade 9 students can now make their way to their next class” and “Grade 10 students can now do the same” and so on and so forth. Instead of letting all of the kids in the halls, just do one grade at a time. It does not seem like an impossible task, but people seem to make it this way.  

Let’ just stop the vicious cycle! KEEP THE LINE MOVING! People need to get going somewhere and we can’t hold them up.


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