Teachers: practice what you preach!

Can our students do better? Not always.

by Michaela F.

Teachers are supposed to make a student feel welcomed, so why don’t they?

Whenever I tell certain teachers I have a learning disability and ask if there is anyway for them to help me succeed in school they make it seem like I am being a nuisance. As a teacher you are supposed to want to help me in school so why do you feel the need to make me feel any worse then I already do? I don’t like feeling like I’m causing my teachers any trouble but when you tell me that I might as well not try for something, that hurts. I’ve struggled with school my whole life but I try. I try really hard and to be told I should just give up is not something a teacher should say.

I don’t want to come off as spoiled or rotten but it really irritates me when a teacher says that if there are any questions you can feel free to approach him or her at anytime but whenever you do it seems that they really don’t want you there. Teachers need to remember how body language can be interpreted. If a student approaches you for help and you set a pencil down and sigh deeply with an irritated tone, do you think the student feels like you really want to help them? Most likely not. I find students who are in that position tend to rush their questions because they don’t want to feel like a bother while could lead them to be more intimidated in the future when they need help. That kind of intimidation could even affect the relationships they develop with future teachers.

Granted, obviously not all teachers do this. In fact some are very nice and considerate and attempt to make arrangements for me, as well as their other students,  to the best of their abilities so that they can get the most out of their education. Teachers are there to build you up, not tear you down. I don’t understand why some teachers have to make students feel so bad. If you don’t like teenagers and you don’t like feeling bothered then don’t be a teacher, it is as simple as that.

Changes are very simple. I realize that there is only so much a teacher can do but if, for example a student has testing anxiety, such as myself, then a change of environment might help them preform better on tests. If that doesn’t work maybe a way to make up for the tests marks can be arranged such as doing extra assignments instead of tests to get their mark. If a student approaches you to ask if you can assign any extra assignments for them to practice the material with, instead of telling them the usual “If I give you extra assignments, then I’ll have to give all the other students that work as well.” excuse, simply tell them questions from a textbook if there is one used in your class or maybe tell them some websites they can visit for help. Approaching someone for help takes a lot of strength because you need to admit that you need that help, which a lot of people hate doing, so if you’re approached by a student give them a warm smile and remember that body language can make a difference. Make the students you teach feel comfortable instead of making them feel like they’re just mud on the bottom of your shoe.


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