EDITORIAL Welcome To The Jungle, Where Money Grows On Trees.

By Victoria M.

Constantly we hear complaints about something that needs fixing at Fredericton High School.

A person would think that list would get shorter every year, what with the amount of fundraising that goes on. Yet somehow, the problems are just growing in numbers.

Perhaps it has something to do with the school purchasing one brand-spakin’-new Smartboard projector for every classroom. According to a user on Ask.com, the price of a single Smartboard projector ranges somewhere between $1000 and $5000. Sure, Smartboards are awesome, but not every teacher who has one is getting the full value of what it’s worth out of their usage of it. Others only use it as a projector and don’t take advantage of the things that a Smartboard can do but an old-fashioned projector cannot.

Fredericton High School should have taken into consideration that not every teacher needs one when they have a properly functioning white board and projector. Not only that, but Smartboards can be glitchy and slow, and sometimes don’t work all together. They are not friendly to the technologically unsaavy. Had FHS taken this into account, they could have saved a few thousand dollars at least.

Sometimes, out with the old and in with the new isn’t necessarily better. Although Smartboards were a big cost, there are definitely a few other areas where money was spent inefficiently, such as with the new Video Announcements class. Yes, their green-screen was a good improvement to the announcements and how interesting they are, but buying a bunch of new iPads instead of cameras (which they needed) was highly illogical.

Aside from Video Announcements class and Smartboards, there are plenty of other areas where the school has spent money with no need, and places where money needs to be spent, but hasn’t been. For instance, the girls’ washrooms. They are appalling. More than half of the stalls don’t lock, they reek something fierce, and the ratio of girls:stalls at FHS is highly uneven. Yet the cafeteria has a few new coasts of paint instead of a few locks on some doors getting fixed.

Bathroom stalls aren’t the only thing that need fixing around FHS. Walking through the top floor halls on a rainy day is taking the risk of getting dripped on by dirty ceiling water. Yet instead of fixing a few shingles, FHS opts out on setting up a big, flat screen TV near the main office to show a slideshow of photographs. Apparently putting up regular photographs made too much sense!

 Hundreds and hundreds of dollars get wasted by the school every year, buying impractical and illogical toys as opposed to things that might benefit the students who go there on a daily basis, such as chairs that are more comfortable to sit on in the classrooms.


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