EDITORIAL Why is FHS Exempted from Exemptions?

FHS Exempted from Exemptions

By Katherine M.

Exemptions are only offered to students on one side of the river.

FHS and LHHS the two high schools of Fredericton may have a very strong rivalry due to school spirit, but we do have our similarities. We have similar schedules, courses and even teachers and students. So why is it that when exam week comes around that things become different? One school has exemptions and one doesn’t. Unfortunately our school is the one without. The students at LHHS have the option of not writing only certain exams, but we are required to write exams for all of our classes.

Most FHS students probably don’t take the time to consider having exemptions. We’ve always had to write all five exams so why question it now. It doesn’t seem fair to me that our rivals, neighbours and friends from across the river have fewer exams to write than us. LHHS came from FHS so it would only make sense for the exam policy would be the same.

One of the reasons we are required to write all of the exams is to prepare ourselves for post-secondary education. Writing exams is a good skill to have and exams are a good idea but the amount we write may be too much. Not all students are planning on attending a university or college after high school. Those who are going to receive further education don’t necessarily need to write exams for all of their classes to learn how to study and prepare for an assessment. There are also some courses that don’t really require a final exam. It’s not that the courses are unimportant or useless but some things are harder to access and judge. Some of these courses could be visual arts, music, graphic arts, outdoor pursuits etc. You can be a very talented artist or musician or be great at outdoor activities and have learned a lot in the class but an exam isn’t necessarily going to show that.

By eliminating some of these exams we could have more time to study for other courses that we may find more difficult or require more attention. Although it wouldn’t make sense to let just anyone drop any course. LHHS has rules set in place that seem to work well for them. Similar rules should work well for us as well. First of all in order to be exempted from an exam the student should have good attendance throughout the school year. The student should also have a high average to show they know the material well enough not to write an exam. The overall average of the student should be 85% to 90% in the class. Some classes should have mandatory exams that students cannot be exempted from. These classes would be determined by the school. Having some motivation to work harder could help the students, Laura W., grade eleven student, said, “ I really think we should have them! It rewards the students for doing well through the whole term and encourages everyone to come to class.”.


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