College Fair: Centre for Arts and Technology


By Frank M.

The Centre for Arts and Technology is a close knit, well equipped college that focuses heavily on getting students the skills and job experience they need to succeed in the real world.

Located on 130 Carleton St., the building may look small but there is a lot going on inside. Some of its resources include; an animation studio, film and photography studios and four fully stocked computer labs. All of their equipment is in good shape and up to date, new to within two years.

But a college can’t get by on fancy technology alone, that’s why The Centre has brought on some of the best in the business as instructors. Their Audio Department Head, Kevin Herring, has had experience working with many famous artists during his career, including the Beatles, while Brad Lucas, another Department Head, was a part of the Disney staff working on such projects as All Dogs Go to Heaven.

The classes offered at the Centre are also quite specialized. They are completely focused on your area of interest and the field you would like to work in. This gives you the opportunity to delve deep into the subject you want to focus on.

Eric and Jamie; Spokespersons for The Centre of Arts and Technology.

Eric Fox, a graduate of the college, had this to say about his experience as a Digital Photography student. “The classes were so in depth, I couldn’t believe the amount of things I didn’t know that I didn’t know.”

Another popular aspect of The Centre is that it gives its students workplace experience at the jobs they one day hope to perform. For example in previous years Graphic Design students got the chance to show off their skills designing and decorating part of the interior of the Aiken Centre in Fredericton. Instead of spending the majority of their time in a classroom they got spend a lot of it “out in the field”.

If this school sounds like something you would be interested in, The Centre offers a week long March break camp that gives aspiring high school students the chance to experience what it would be like to attend the college and get a feel for the way they do things.

I ran into a FHS student who attended the Boot Camp and asked her how she liked it. “It was the best thing ever.” She answered. When I asked her what her favorite part was she replied “that’s hard to say, it was all so fun.”

Fun and practical seem to be the name of the game for The Centre of Arts and Technology.

Would you like to get started at The Centre for Arts and Technology?


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