FHS NEWS — Marks out soon; Mark the date

By Jesse T.

Its almost that time! The dreaded report cards are coming out very soon. Teachers are required to have their marks Thursday Morning. Students are on edge wondering how they are doing in their classes and whether they need to improve or not. 

Grade 12 student Luke Beirne stated “Nope I don’t really care about my marks.” This shows that some students just don’t care about their marks and some are just looking to make it through Grade 12. On the other hand, Grade 12 student Tamara Colson said “I’m not worried, I’m sure the marks are not what I want them to be, but I’m sure I’m passing.”  

Teachers have an even worse time.  Mr. Mike Gange said to his class “I gotta have my marks in by Tomorrow (Tuesday), After that, I can’t accept assignments.”  

The marks will be coming out later this week and are expected to catch some students off guard. Some will be happy, some will be disappointed. It’s a waiting game that the students play now.


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