FHS NEWS — Memories for a Lifetime


By Tanisha L.  

Riley Janes, Katarina Schatz, Alex Landine and Jane Blanchard are the four students that are involved in creating the 2013 grad DVD for Fredericton High School.

With the assistance of grade ten science teacher, Mr. Carson, the students are recording grad and school events and combining them into a short film for the graduates of FHS, that the students will be able to purchase at the end of the year.

The grad DVD committee plans to capture many events and activities to include, such as theme days, coffee houses, sports events and dances. They have already captured several football games and denim day.

Riley Janes, a grade twelve student at FHS has attended and filmed several football games and is very dedicated to being a part in creating this year’s grad DVD.

She said that she really enjoys being a part in the production of the grad DVD and that she believes the group of four students work well together.

According to Riley, the committee is more organized this year than previous years and they are putting more effort into creating a quality film for the grads.

There is a lot of work that goes into the grad DVD. The committee spends endless hours of filming various events and editing the clips to be perfect for when the graduates of FHS purchase a copy at the end of the school year.

The committee meets approximately once a month and they divide the work among themselves. They have many exciting plans for the 2013 grad DVD. 

They are planning on preparing a trailer that will be played during the grad dinner in the spring to promote the grad DVD. They are also planning on conducting some fun student interviews to include along with clips from many of the school events.

Riley said that the grad DVD is much different from the school yearbook. She said that it captures the students in a more natural state than photographs in the yearbook do.

“It has more Kodak moments. It gets the little things that pictures will miss,” said Riley.



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