FHS NEWS — Production of CHESS coming in Nov.

FHS Production of Chess not so Black and White

By Frank. M

Every year at Fredericton High School the theatre enthusiasts of our school come together to put on a wonderful musical production.

Alex Landine, one of the leads in this year’s production, is in his twelfth year here at FHS and has been in every musical put on by the school since arriving in grade nine. He has been very involved with the schools Drama Program since coming here.

“I think our school Drama Program is amazing. I’ve grown to love it so much. It’s one of the most inclusive and accessible programs I’ve ever encountered. There are no fees, anyone can join and all that’s required is commitment. It gives the school a great sense of community. So many people, all with different roles, come together to make something great. You feel a great sense of family just being a part of it.”

 He played the lead role of Joseph in last year’s rendition of the classic musical “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” 

“I love acting” he says. “I find it really freeing. When you’re on stage you’re not yourself. You are a character and your character isn’t facing the same problems you are, so you get to forget about them for a while and just have fun.”

This year the school will be putting on a production of the 1980s musical “Chess”.  The musical features songs with lyrics by Time Rice and music by Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus; musicians from the band ABBA. Everyone involved with the production is very excited to show the students of FHS what they can do with it, especially Alex.

“I love the production choice this year. It’s different, it’s kind of unknown and the music is fantastic. It’s more serious than some of our previous productions and the range of emotion will make it a bit more of a challenge. It’s probably my favorite show that I’ve been a part of so far.”

Alex plays the role of Anatoly Sergievsky, a Russian chess player, living in the Cold War era, who travels to Italy to play against an American chess player for the World Championship.

“I’m so happy with the role I’ve been cast” says Alex when asked about the role he plays. “He (Anatoly) is a very complex character. He is real, and flawed. But he isn’t the bad guy. There is no bad guy. That’s another thing I love about this story. Everyone in the play has flaws and makes mistake. It’s a very real, human, situation. It’s going to be very emotional.”

Every year the school production meets enormous success. This year doesn’t look like it will be any different.

“I think the production this year is going to be very well received” said Alex. “It is a somewhat unknown musical so people won’t be coming in with preconceived expectations. For most it will be their first time seeing it and I think they will love it.”


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