FHS NEWS — New Year Book Staff, Advisors

The Graduate Yearbook

By Melissa M.

The Graduate yearbook at Fredericton High School is under new teacher supervision this year.

Mr. Peter Cook, a math teacher at FHS, is one of the teacher  advisors for yearbook this year. He has responsibilities that includes some business, photography and homeroom responsibilities.

He said “I wanted to get involved with the Yearbook because I have some experience with photography, it’s something new and Mr. Lynch asked me. We’re doing it together”

Many students are excited for June when they get their hands on this special book capturing the school year of 2012-2013 at FHS.

 According to Mr. Cook the school has a contract for 600 books total, so hopefully all of them are sold.  If not, money will be lost. He said that Yearbook does make a little bit of money, but it all goes back into the Yearbook itself.  They are being sold for 55$ this year.

The Co-Editors for this year are grade twelve students Melissa Nelson and Karina Manderville.  They applied to the teacher advisors, had interviews and were chosen by Mr. Cook and Mr. Matt Lynch.   Both of them have previous experience with Yearbook. 

Students are excited for the yearbook to come out in June, they love the last couple days of signing yearbooks and finding their pictures with their friends.  Grade twelve students especially enjoy it as it  helps to signify the end of high school.

Vanessa P , a grade twelve student said, “I’m excited about this year’s yearbook because all the memories from my last year of high school will be packed in there!”

 Megan B, another grade twelve students said “It makes me happy to know that when I’m 30 I can have it to look back on my high school days”.

You can order your yearbook through the FHS website  at www.jostens.com.


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