Does “Sports” need to include “Elite” or “Compete”

Sports? Overrated.

By Tanisha L.


People value and appreciate sports – but maybe a little too much. Society puts such an emphasis on sports and they find it so important. Maybe it isn’t as important as they think it is.

Playing a sport definitely has its benefits. Sports are a way to be physically active, keeping your body healthy and fit. While playing sports, you can learn how to work as a team and how to do your best. It builds leadership and commitment in an individual. There are many benefits associated with playing on a sports team.

But sports are not everything. I have been asked many times by various people if I play any sports. When they discover that I don’t, they typically ask why I don’t play sports or say that I should.

It is not that I didn’t try to play a sport. I actually tried really hard to play a sport. In grade six, I tried out for the badminton team but I didn’t make the cut. I also tried out for the volleyball team in grade six. I was chosen to be the alternate for the team. I spend most of my time warming the bench, watching the other girls play.

After playing two years on the middle school’s second volleyball team, I gave up. All the players from the elite, first volleyball team would be trying out for the high school team along with all the older players and players from the other middle school. I didn’t even stand a chance.

There is so much pressure to play a sport. People have asked me before, “Well, what do you do if you don’t play a sport?”

Just because I do not play a sport does not mean that I sit at home and twiddle my thumbs. There is more to life than playing sports. It is important for individuals to be balanced and be involved in many different areas, not just focused on sports.

I do regret not playing a sport and I wished I had an opportunity to play non-competitive sports. I feel that it is too late to try something new, which is a shame because I am still quite young.

However, I do believe there is a solution to this problem.

I feel that the school and community should have more recreational programs available for playing sports. Teen and young adults should have to opportunity to experience sports in a fun way and be able to enjoy it.

I was robbed the joy of playing a sport because I was not a good enough athlete to make the elite junior varsity volleyball team in high school. I don’t think that is a reason for me to completely give up on sports.

We need to make sports more accessible for teens and youth. They need to have the opportunity to play and get active. They need to be exercising and enjoying themselves.

People do put too much emphasis on being an elite athlete and playing sports for your varsity school team. I don’t think students necessarily have to be the best one on the field or the top one on the court. I do think that students should have the opportunity to play and that everyone should have an equal opportunity to play sports.




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