Editorial: The Sports vs Arts debate continues

The ARTS looked down on.

 By Melissa M

At Fredericton High School, there is a large emphases placed on sports, more so than arts.

At FHS, a school population of around 2000, we have many talented students.  According to the School website we have 29 school athletic teams that students can be involved in; everything from badminton to wrestling.  Our Athletic teams are also very successful; last year FHS won a record number of provincial banners- 16 to be exact.

However, even though as a student body we are proud of the successfulness of  our sport teams,  some students, including myself , would like to see more attention given to the arts.

It seems that arts get less funding, and promotion than the athletics do. Much of the attention goes to the varsity football and men’s hockey teams.  On game day for those teams everyone in the school knows about it and a school wide yellow and black day is called. Why don’t we have this for game days for women’s hockey or cross country meet days?

Now  that we have the Under Armour  Undeniable contest going on, even more attention  is going to sports. It’s not a bad thing, I think that we just need to balance it out and give the same attention to  arts programs.

The overall attitude towards arts is a slightly negative one.  If you tell someone that you are going in to arts, they look at you and say, why would you do that? There are no jobs in the arts. And that is simply not true. It is as if Math, science, and athletics are all better than arts.

Many students thrive in arts, we have talented  musicians, artists, writers, photographers,  actors  and  designers at our school and its time that we recognize them for their talents.  Not only should we have an athlete of the month, but an arts related award every month.

Along with giving more opportunities to arts students, the attitude needs to change towards the arts, that it is a valuable area of our school community and of life.

At  FHS we have  classes available that many schools are not as fortunate  to have as we are.  Journalism, Culinary arts, Writing, Fashion Design, Fashion tech., Video Announcements  and  Theatre arts, to name a few.  These Classes are available to FHs students because of some amazing teachers that value that arts and choose to offer these classes as options. Don’t take them for granted, because they may not always be here.

We also have an amazing production that will be performed form November 21-24 that students and staff have been hard at work on. Go out and support these talented students. Also if you yourself are gifted in Acting or singing, join production next year.

You can also join concert band, jazz band, improve , drama group, Mandarin, book club, hip hop, glee choir, string orchestra , Spanish club, tech crew  or year book. All of these clubs are a great way to get involve with the arts at FHS.

Even if Arts are not your thing, support others who do. It will make our school a more welcoming place to be , and more well-rounded.


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