Local student spends summer racing

Photo courtesy of Tim’s Corner Motorsports http://www.timscorner.ca

By Jesse T.

It was a fast paced summer for Fredericton High School student Dustin Tucker. He did not spend his days at the beach or in the pool. He spent his time working on his father’s Pro Stock Super Late Models so that they could race on the Parts For Trucks Maritime Pro Stock Tour.

Unfortunately, it was not the season he had hoped for.

“It was a so-so season, we won a couple times, but we always seem to be snakebitten by bad luck”, said Tucker. “We will work hard over the winter and see what comes about in 2013.”

Dustin has much more to go through now that racing season is over. He is a student of Leo Hayes High School and a student part time here at FHS. You may ask why. It is because LHHS does not have a shop area for automotive and construction classes, so he takes a bus over to the school in the afternoon to take his classes.

He was asked if he was going to miss racing while he is in school. His response, “yes.” “of course I’m going to miss it. I love what I do and it sucks that I have to wait all winter for the next opportunity to go racing.”

Dustin may in fact be starting to go racing next year and taking over his father’s seat. He has thousands of laps under his belt in testing, but no real race experience. Dustin’s father Shawn is about to retire and it will pave the way for a new generation of Tucker Racing.


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