How university hockey games show life on campus

Two ‘Saintly’ teams rough it up

by Victoria M.  

Universities make most of their money from tuitions. They get their tuitions from students, but how do they recruit students to spend their money on that university’s tuitions?

It’s easy. Aside from offering  excellent courses and teachers, they offer bribes, such as a free ticket to a hockey game.

After showing my interest in Saint Thomas University at the college fair, I received a little present in the mail. Along with brochures on STU, there was a ticket to a men’s hockey game; Saint Thomas Tommies vs. Saint Mary’s Huskies.

It was a slow game at first, a few sticks flying from players being body checked too hard, a few stumbles and falls, along with the occasional goal for Saint Mary’s. Finally, it was the 4-0 for Saint Mary’s in the third quarter when one of Saint Thomas’ men was suddenly approaching a Saint Mary’s player. In one swift movement, the Thommie cross-checked the Huskie, tripping him while pushing him over from behind. The Huskie fell to the ice, sliding at a rapid speed into the wall, legs first. The force was so hard it injured the Huskie’s ankle, pulling him out of the rest of the game. In a rage, a separate two; one Thommie and one Huskie started fighting with each other.

By the end of the game, the score was 5-0 for Saint Mary’s, there were two players in the penalty box, and one in a back room getting his ankle wrapped up.

This exciting game might not have inspired me to go to Saint Thomas University, but it did give me the inspiration to spend money on more hockey games in the future. 

Either way, in the end they’re getting my money.


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