Soccer only Summer sport?

by Chris S.
Winter is comming, and so are winter sports, but soccer is not included.
Personally, I think that it is a disaster. Playing soccer outside is fun, but inside is fun too. It is a very flexible sport, there is soccer, beach soccer, and indoor soccer; just to name a few. The rules are only slightly different and I think that soccer should be played through the winter too.
If you have ever played with a ball inside, you probably know that it is quite as fun as playing outside, whether with your hands or your feet. It would be cool to have indoor soccer tournaments, which would also spice things up. Instead of playing or watching ice-hockey and basketball all the time, which are fun too, why not give soccer a chance too.
We could even make a juggling contest or something like that, if you feel like just watching the game itself is not exciting enough. The goals can be build up by the teams within a few minutes and are restored afterwards just as fast, so they do not bother anyone.
I think that it is a waste to not offer soccer during the wintertime, but only in the short summertime, which does not even give enough time to really play a whole lot.

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