Too much Sports-Kats; Not enough Band-kats?

Not just another winning team

By Elena C.


It’s one more win for the Fredericton High Black Kats football team!

The reputation of Fredericton High School is one that is known all across the province, we are known as the winning team. We are the school that comes to play. This coming Friday the FHS varsity football team will play in the final. Right now they are in first place and all they have to do is win one more game to be named the overall champs.

 Is that all people see or think of when they hear about FHS? Is there no more to our school’s reputation other than the undefeated sports teams?

Football, soccer, hockey, basketball – that’s all you ever seem to hear about, as if nothing else in the school matters or exists other than the winning sports teams. Fredericton High School is so big and full of different clubs and activities that it seems almost shocking that don’t get any notice or recognition like the sports teams do.

Our school has become almost stereotypical in that it puts all of its focus on the athletes and then forgets about everyone else. It’s like watching a bad teen drama where all the arts kids have to prove that they are cool too. I’m not saying this has anything to do with popularity, but rather it has to do with an image.

When people hear the name FHS they shouldn’t just think sports, they should think about all the academic classes that are offered to students. Or what about the school band, they are full of talent and yet in my four years at FHS I don’t think I have heard very much about them. You only ever hear them play at a few assemblies and their fall concert; they work so hard they should be put out there more.

There are more students at this school who are into arts and who are members of school clubs than students who are a part of sports teams. We have clubs at our school such as Interact, where FHS students dedicate their time to raising money to support different charities and organisations. We have an amazing year book staff that creates wonderful yearbooks for the school. These are the things that people should also think of supporting just as they do for the sports teams.

I’m not trying to say that the sports teams at FHS are bad, but it would be nice if the band or the arts or other clubs had an equal chance in the lime light to show that FHS is more than their sports teams, but a well-rounded community.




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