Football’s feeder system takes grades 9, 10’s to become Kats


By Frank M.  

Each new year brings new grade nine students to Fredericton High school, as well as new potential players to its Junior Varsity football team.

Grade Nine student Blake Miller has been playing football since grade six, where he started on the U-13 Romans team. He can’t seem to get enough of football.

“I love the competitive nature of the game, being able to put my skills to the test against other skilled players,” he said.

Since he played for the school team in grade 8 there was a spot waiting for him when he came here to FHS. Now he plays the position of linebacker for the FHS JV Black Kats.

“It’s a big step up from grade 8” he says. “I felt welcomed here but it’s a lot stricter; there’s no tolerance for joking around and a much heavier focus on how you play. The coaches really want to see you do your best.”

The football program at FHS is a very dedicated one. Everyone is involved, everyone cares about it, and everyone puts everything they have into it. Blake agrees.

“I think the program here is very good. We have good coaches who are ready to teach, good equipment and a good all around atmosphere,” he said.

Blake was one of the grade nine students lucky enough, and talented enough, to get field time right away this season. But he’s still taking this opportunity to learn everything he can.

“Football is great” Blake says. “You learn how to play the game, but it’s more than that. You’re learning discipline, which will take you far in life.”

Blake is looking forward to his future with the team, he plans on playing for the Black Kats all the way through until the end of grade 12.



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