In the world of sports, some sports are more important than other sports

Pushed to the Sidelines

By Katherine M

Sports are commonly considered more important at FHS, but not all sports are.

A lot of people believe that sports take a more dominant role in the school systems than arts. Sports games would most likely have a higher attendance than a coffee house but at FHS a lot of people do come out to see the school production. Sports and athletes tend to get a bad reputation by those who are not involved. Students believe that sports are more valued and get more funding. This is true for some sports but not all sports.

As soon as school begins in the fall so does football. Announcements are made frequently encouraging students to attend the games and a lot of students do. There may even be a bus to transport fans to the championship game this coming weekend in Moncton. Hockey is starting up again and is similar. Many people will come out to see the hockey team play even in the cold arenas.

Some students believe the reasoning behind it is simply popularity.

Alicia Gallant, grade 12 student, said “I think it’s just because they’re more popular sports that people like to watch. So it’s reasonable.”

At football and hockey games the amount of students’ actually interested and paying attention to the game is very low. Most students seem to come for the socialization component so why is it that when hockey season ends students no longer participate.

FHS has very good teams and they need support but some don’t receive much. There are teams such as basketball, volleyball, baseball and soccer that barley get any attention. There is no awareness of their games and where they are located. They definitely don’t receive as many fans cheering them on. Although there are some basketball games towards Christmas break that are played at FHS during the afternoon. Students are able to leave class and go watch. These games may be popular but not for the team itself. It’s not even necessarily that these sports are unpopular. Many people enjoy watching these sports on TV or attending games at a university or professional level. High School students just seem to have no interest.

FHS is a big school and has many opportunities. The school has 15 options for sports in total according to the FHS website and only six were mentioned above. Cheerleading, cross country, golf, rugby, girls softball, swimming track and field, and wrestling are normally over looked.

It seems unfair to neglect only certain sports. The athletes on these teams are just as important to our school and need just as much support from the student population.

Chelsea Cogswell, grade 12 student, said “I think that if we’re going to make such a big deal out of sports, we should at least acknowledge and try to support each sports team equally, even the ones students may not want to go watch as much as they do football and hockey.”



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