Kats rule the Jungle; means a lot to school pride

FHS Sports Domination

By Devon P. 

Fredericton High school has always been known by its students, and opposition, as a very sports centered school. Not only is most of our school spirit generated by sports events and theme days, but we dominate on all playing fields.

From the football fields, to the rink and even the basketball courts, FHS has held titles in all. The fact that FHS rarely looses, gives our students a major boost in school spirit, which can never hurt anyone. Most students enjoying hearing that their school is doing well, and a good majority of students show up to the games to support the teams, but also go because the games are somewhat of social event.

The FHS Swim team was one of 16 teams last year that won provincial banners.

It is near impossible to spend a day inside the jungle and not hear something sports related. It may be news of a previous victory over an inferior school, or announcements to go out and support your school teams at their games. Whatever way you are hearing about sports, there is always some kind of school spirit message to go along with it.

Various events are held inside the school to boost school spirit, such as black and yellow days. These days happen on game day, and require students to dress in all the black and yellow they own. Faces are usually painted black and yellow inside the cafeteria at lunches, and overall it’s a great way to get students excited for the games.

Students attending the games are great support; most of the time repping the school colors, or sometimes even body paint. A lot of the students enjoy going to the games, even though they are starting to get a bit cold.

Robbie.B, a grade 12 student said, “I don’t mind taking time out of my night to go support are teams, it’s usually fun to watch, and a lot of my friends are there too”.

As with any other school, there are those who do not support any school activities or commit to school spirit, but the student representative council is holding more and more events to try and sway the majority in to participating.


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