Editorial: Are SmartBoard really so smart?

Not so SMART boards
By Tyson T.
Teachers finally get their big break, or do they? Smart Board technology has been purchased for all teachers at FHS.
Brand new Smart Boards have been burning a whole in the pockets of Fredericton High School for quite some time now. And finally, after a few teachers had the opportunity to get a feel for the technology in the previous years, Canada’s first high school delivers big and all teachers are now enjoying them.
Enjoyment in what way? For teaching resources? Or for looks? Most teachers are as old as the high school its self regarding their teaching methods and aren’t about to change. Though, with out a doubt, having this new, extremely expensive decoration attached to there wall in the background will not fizz them a bit.
The truth of the matter is, most teachers do not know how to use smart boards. They graduated with teaching degrees, not experience in the I.T. field. Some teachers don’t even want them because they take up chalk board space and would much rather a projector than a smart board. There are even teachers in the engines and shop classes who have received one, that do not use even a projector or the chalk board.
So with the popular question of why is it even there? The smart boards were purchased by above members for the teachers. Unfortunately, it seems the teachers didn’t have much say, or much knowledge of the whole  purchase. Otherwise had the teachers have been asked if they would like a smart board or not, the school could have saved a lot more money. With out them, FHS would have more money to invest into more productive things aside from the schools other no brainier the ipads.

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