EDITORIAL: Hey FHS, Turn on your Wi-Fi

Put on your thinking caps
By Tyson T.

Or better yet, turn on your wifi.

FHS needs an update. And not just a software update as some would say but an update for the whole operating system. Students at FHS are currently stuck in the stone age in regards to how learning is accomplished.

Although this is an issue for most, Fredericton High school is the oldest school in Canada. However, if you were to take a stroll down FHS’s long historical halls, you may be surprised to find a sense of unexpected modernism. The Jungle has recently advanced in technology thanks to staff displaying a sense of acceptance toward electronics. Students are now allowed to text in the halls and depending on the teacher, music is allowed in class.

But sure, the dominant FHS Black Kats as always, claim athletic royalty. They rank far more superior in almost every sport in contrast with other High Schools around the province. But when it comes to catching up to the rest of the country and to even its closest and bitter neighbour Leo Hayes High School; FHS is loosing the technological race. The Lions on the other side of the river however, claim knowledge and a better way to learn using such technologies.

The Lions are encouraged to excel with exemptions in mind, They are also allowed to use personal electronics in class as they would in University. The school supplies free wifi and it is up to the students to discipline themselves enough to do the work at hand. Students at FHS do not get exemptions. They do not have wifi or the option to type their notes rather than to hand write every word.
Although FHS is lacking computers, It has seemed to be making progress. They purchased all new SMART boards and a few ipads. But perhaps all of the championship banners have blinded Fredericton High over the years from seeing the importance of being competitive in other ways.

There is an unspoken, ignored understanding in Fredericton New Brunswick, that the graduates from LHHS will ultimately have a better sense of preparedness for post secondary institutions. It is unavoidable.

FHS needs to stand up for its students and arm them in the fight for their futures because compared to our competitors, it’s not even close.


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