College Fair: King’s College

College fair- University of Kings College is a true King.

By Zia B.

Fredericton High school hosts an annual college faire for students in grade 11 and 12. In this faire, universities and colleges come from all over the Atlantic. The university that drew many eyes was the University of Kings College.

The representative for the university was a five-year student at Kings. Talking to him made you really want to choose Kings. Class sizes at the university are smaller and intimate. Making the relationship between teacher and student very unique compared to other universities.After asking him who Kings would appeal to he said,

“Those who love to read, write and are into philosophy.” He said. “Students who love theatre and arts and can create ideas and philosophies.”

If you’re an arts student Kings is the place for you! It is the place where you will be able to develop as a human being and really learn in a safe and amazing environment.

After talking with the representative, I know where I want to go to school. Kings all the way!



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