The Pretty Reckless comes to play.

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by Elena C.
Hit Me Like a Man
Pretty Reckless
Interscope Records, 2012

Hit Me like A Man is an album that is loud and empowering. It will bring you back to classic rock n’ roll like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

The Pretty Reckless is from New York and is an alternative rock band. The lead vocalist is Taylor Momsen, who also plays rhythm guitar; Ben Phillips is the lead guitarist, and does backing vocals. Together he and Taylor, co-wrote the songs on the album. Mark Damon is the band’s bass player and Jamie Perkins is on the drums.

This album is really intense and shows off the power of the lead singer’s vocals. It has an old school rock n’ roll style to it so, it’s not like a lot of music today that’s very techno and poppy. It’s a little intimidating when you first listen to it, but the music soon starts to speak for itself. This album was recorded in 2011-2012.

The music on this album really steps up to the plate. The guitar and drum solos are incredibly brilliant and it’s like they are transporting you to a new world with their sound. They remind you of the days when rock n’ roll was still young and just starting out. The lead singer, Taylor Momsen, puts her heart and soul into the lyrics of the songs and when she sings them she has a really deep, raspy voice that adds to the tone of the album. When the first song on the album opens with an unbelievable guitar and drum solo it instantly lifts your mood and makes you want to jump and shake your head.

This album is like an old soul in a new world, the music is honest and exciting. The band still may be fairly new but the album is one for the ages, with songs that will lift you up and down like good music should.

This album may only be an EP right now; however it’s the beginning of something new and iconic.  These are songs that you will want to listen to while driving in the car or if you are at home and in the mood to hear something with some edge. Robert Copsey, who writes for Digital Spy says, “The result is a collection of wonderfully salacious and unashamedly bare-faced songs that today’s charts are sorely lacking.”

I recommend that everyone buy this album if they are looking for something new and enjoyable.   I give this album five stars for its phenomenal instrumentals and powerhouse vocals.

Elena C. is an FHS student who plays classical violin and really enjoys listing to The Pretty Reckless.


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