Atlanta City Slickers Zac Brown Band Heats up Country Music

by Jesse T.

The Foundation

Well, let’s take a moment and look at a CD that is sometimes overlooked when people shop at HMV in the Country section. Its by a pretty well known American Country group. They are the southern fried, down home, apple pie fresh, Zac Brown Band and the CD, just a little collab known as “The Foundation.”

Coming straight outta’ ole’ Atlanta, GA, The Zac Brown Band is led by lead vocalist and guitar shredder Zac Brown. The fiddle player, Jimmy De Martini, Bass Guitarist, John Driskell Hopkins, Guitar & Keyboard player, Coy Bowles, Drummer Chris Fryar, Clay Cook on the string ensemble, and Daniel de los Reyes on the percussion. Together, these down home fellers create some sweet little ditties that can bring out the country in any city folk.

The Album consists of songs that are good party tunes and then it has its moments of songs that need to be listented to in the rain to get a full effect from it. They tug down on your heart strings and give em’ a good yank. You could listen to them in the rain or on the beach watching the sun. This album came out in 2008 and has been strong ever since getting big recognition. Hey, it even won a Grammy for best new artist. It must be good to earn a freakin’ Grammy award. Those are hard to get. It seems like every time the Zac Brown Band records a song, it skyrockets on the popularity charts. They seem to have an inner soul with their music that is undeniable, especially with this album.

Now its time to get down to the nitty gritty of the album. For 10$, you can pick up an album filled with songs featuring great guitar moments and amazing fiddle playing. Don’t count out the drumming, it comes in with its moments too. The vocalization of the songs makes them more then songs, it makes them Musical Stories. Songs like “Whatever it is,” “Highway 20 Ride,” & “Chicken Fried” really get down to the meaning of wholesome family togetherness. It will bring in all the family members and create a whole unit. There are some songs that you can play at a party to get things going such as “Chicken Fried,” with its great story telling of how the American way of life is and should be.

Say you just experienced a recent break up with your significant other, that’s where the song “Mary” comes in. It may be a little quick, but it tells a wonderful story of a man’s divine passion for his woman. And in the end, isn’t that what it really comes down to? For a man to have such a desire with a particular woman really sets things off for the rest of the album, as it is listed #6 on the CD. It comes after some good party tunes and makes a sudden shift that seems to work out pretty well.

This album almost becomes perfect, except for the last song, “Sic ‘em on a chicken.” This song sounds like something Chubby Checker would sing in a 1960’s bar. It doesn’t fit in well and barely features any real singing from Zac Brown. Instead, a random voice TALKS while music accompanies his voice. It’s too much of a shock for this reviewer.

`To wrap things up. I am going to STRONGLY recommend getting this album. This is one of my birthday gifts and I was even reluctant to open it up. Now I can’t stop listening to it. I must have listented to the same songs about 7 times the last three days. They are getting imprinted in my soul and they will with you too. You need this album. Like, I don’t care if it is 2AM and you are half asleep; go to a 24Hour Walmart and BUY this album. What are you waiting for?! Go!


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