Babel creates babble among Mumford & Sons’ fans

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By Tanisha L.

Mumford & Sons
Glassnote (2012)

Babel is the biggest selling album of the year in the US at the time, selling 600 000 copies in its first week of being released.

Mumford & Sons are a folk rock band from London, England. The band includes Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford and Winston Marshall. The band formed in late 2007 and two years later, they released their debut album, Sigh No More. Mumford & Sons write, arrange and perform all of their music using a variety of instruments. They create music with the use of the banjo, flugelhorn, mandolin and other instruments that are not commonly used in modern music that make Mumford and Sons’ music original and unique. The band has won many awards over the past couple years and been nominated for several awards as well.

Babel was released in Canada and the United States on September 25, 2012. According to Wikipedia, It has been a very popular album, selling 159 000 copies in the UK and 600 000 copies in the US during its first week being released. There are many reviews available online that critique this album. Mumford & Sons fans thoroughly enjoy the latest album but there are many who do not enjoy the folk rock style of the music and find it very similar to their first album, which was released in October 2009.

The combination of instruments used in Mumford and Sons’ music wins over the heart of the listener. The effective use of the banjo gives the song a hint of folk music which adds to the style. The third track of the album is the lead single “I Will Wait.” It is filled with full-fledged banjo strumming throughout the entire song and thumping percussion which makes you want to turn up the volume and bass to rock along with it. The shout-along chorus is a trademark of Mumford & Sons and is obviously used in this song. The track gradually builds as the track continues, becoming better and better each moment. The key-change towards the end of the song is the climax of the song and is a great way to end a great song.

Babel is a memorable album that will have you humming along within minutes. The use of the banjo and other various instruments make the music have an original sound that is a trademark of Mumford & Sons. The harmonies and the way that their voices blend make a beautiful melody of male voices. They managed to perfect the sound that they had already developed and introduced in their debut album.

Mumford & Sons fans will not be disappointed with Babel. If you enjoyed their debut album, Sigh No More, their latest album will be a treat to listen to. I highly recommend purchasing the deluxe edition of this album, which has an additional three songs. Mumford & Sons managed to keep the integrity of their music stylistically while stepping up their performance as a band and creating new and original songs that will appeal to fans of the folk rock/indie rock genre. Listening to the Babel is like listening to a playlist of Mumford & Sons’ best and latest tunes.

Tanisha L. is a committed Mumford & Sons fan who bought Babel the very day it was released, which happened to be on her birthday.


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