I reckon we all need to breathe

By Melissa M

The Reckoning
Atlantic Recording (2011)

Needtobreathe’s newest record The Reckoning  is a memorable mix of dancing worthy tunes and relaxing songs in an album that deserves a listen.

Needtobreathe is  an American Rock band that is comes from South Carolina.   Band members  are all very  talented and play more than one instrument.  According to Wikipedia;  Bear Rinehart, lead vocalist, also plays guitar, organ, piano, and harmonica.  His brother, Bo Rinehart plays lead guitar, banjo, mandolin, and backing vocals.  Seth Bolt plays bass, mandolin, and  backing vocals. Drummer Joe Stillwell announced in July 2012 that he was leaving band after 13 years. While on tours they have  Josh Lovelace doing  keyboards and , backing vocals for them.  The band also adds Randall Harris on drums for their tours.

The Reckoning was released as Needtobeathe’s fourth album on September 20 2011.  Within this newest album is a bit of everything, and they pull it off quite nicely.  It includes a little bit of  different kinds of style. They have the  country feel with the banjo and Mandolin and on the next song   Oohs and Ahhs brings you  the rock of drums and electric guitar.  If you are into the bluegrass feel, Slumber is the song for you.  Each song brings you through different emotions and styles , and  by the end of the album you are feel satisfied.

The Musicians all play and sing with passion  and power.  The lyrics are honest and speak to a number of issues facing society and what we go through in life.  They are encouraging  and up lifting.  In the song   A Place Only You Can Go    I feel deep  respect for humanity.  It is one of the quieter songs and   is soothing to listen to the  musical arrangement. It’s a mellow and soft ballad.  The accordion is a great addition as well as the mandolin in this song.  And as always the harmonies are beautiful.

Needtobreathe has a distinct sound to their voice, that gives them a trademark sound. The Reckoning  only shortly  after being released was  number 1  billboard Christian album and  number one billboard rock album , they have not only been on  Christian  top charts but  The Reckoning peaked at number six  on the billboard 200 album chart. The album also made the number 4 spot on the  billboard digital album chart. In addition the song Oohs and Ahhs  was used in an advertisement for  a  television series called Alcatraz.

I would highly suggest purchasing Needtobreathe’s newest release of The Reckoning.  I don’t think you will be disappointed in the talent  and  passion of these musicians, and you will find yourself listening to them over and over again.

Melissa M is a Grade 12 student who enjoys a variety of music and her  appreciation of music is passed down to her by her brothers.


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