KRIS ALLEN sings from the heart, for the heart

Kris Allen: Songs from the heart for the heart   

By Katherine M.

Listen to Katherine’s oral review at the link below:

Thank You Camellia

Kris Allen

19 Recordings Ltd. (2012)

Kris Allen made excellent use of his two years to create some great new music.

Kris Allen is a singer-songwriter from Jacksonville Arkansas. He was born on June 21, 1985. He is a solo artist and contributes to the instrumental component of the songs by playing the bass, guitar, piano and some percussion. He was the winner on the eight season of American Idol. His music would be considered to be in the pop/rock genre. He is a very talented musician who was overshadowed by the more elaborate Adam Lambert on the show. Despite this Kris Allen has become a successful artist.

After winning American Idol his first album “Kris Allen” was soon released. He spent the following two years touring and recording his second album in the U.S. “Thank You Camellia”, which was released on May 18, 2012. His second album comes across as more soft and thoughtful than his first. It still has fun upbeat songs but they are much deeper. It is slightly more sophisticated. The time and effort put in to make this amazing album really comes across and is very evident.

What makes this album stand out is its genuineness and hopefulness. The tender lyrics, pleasant and comfortable style, positive view on the world and vocals make it unique. He has a contemporary style similar to Mat Kearney, Dave Barnes and Jon McLaughlin. Even the sadder songs can make you feel good and improve your spirits. “The Vision of Love” a song about overcoming the hard times, even with a little bit of help is very inspiring. Blindfolded is another great song on this album. It’s about how no matter what happens there will always be a way back to the person you love. There are definitely songs on here that will live on for some time.

Kris Allen also used a few different techniques to make the songs stand out. “Rooftops” had cool scratchy rhythms to it, “My Weakness” has whistling and “Blindfolded” has a really strong chorus.

This album is filled with emotion and is fun to listen to. You can tell Kris Allen is being true to who he is. I would definitely recommend this album. It is very well balanced with both up beat and lower key songs and no two songs sound the same. I would rate this album a 4.5 out of 5. It was well worth the time it took to create.

Katherine M. is a grade 12 student at FHS.


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