No more tear drops on this guitar

By L.K.


Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Big Machine Records
Young talent can come from any direction. If you are born to be a star you will shine brighter than the rest.

Taylor Swift from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania kicked off her career at the young age of 14. Her parents packed up their family and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to let Taylor pursue her growing dream to create music for the entire world to enjoy. Taylor has been strumming on a guitar since she was able to walk. For this young adult playing guitar was her voice before she was able to talk.

When Taylor was 16 years old Big Machine Records signed her for her first self titled album. On October 24th the record was released. Sales of the album quickly took off and the young Taylor made history of being the youngest female in country music to sell over 200 million copies of a CD.

This records music is relatable to the things teenagers experience on a day to day basis. Taylor has accomplished reaching out to many young girls experiencing a heart break or a first love. Taylor is gifted with such a large ability to be able to help out with many life experiences anyone can face. All of the songs on the self titled album were all written by Swift herself. Her poetic lyrics make each of her songs stand out.

Taylor’s self titled album will forever go down in history with the youth population.  The album shows great significance for the gift Taylor was blessed with. Even in the present the songs on this first album she released are still highly viewed on sites like YouTube and Country Top 100.

Listening to the album you will feel like somebody out there understands you. This album does a superb job at receiving a 5 star review from teenagers and young adults around the entire world. Taylors music is simply legendary and undeniably filled with heart, passion, and the love of making other people happy.

L. K. is a grade 12 student at FHS who loves music.


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