Tallest Man on Earth stands above the crowd

Tallest Man on Earth Stands Above The Crowd 


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By Sam G.

There’s No Leaving Now
Tallest Man on Earth
Dead Oceans, Gravitation(2012)

The latest release from folk musician “The Tallest Man on Earth” entitled “There’s No Leaving Now” will not disappoint.

Since the release of his first ep in 2006, Swedish singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson, who goes by the stage name “The Tallest Man on Earth” (despite the fact that Matsson stands a diminutive five feet seven inches) has earned a loyal following with the use of his unique and jagged voice, reminiscent of a young Bob Dylan and his hypnotic finger picking on the acoustic guitar.

This new album is taken in a decidedly different direction than Matsson’s previous two releases. Although still maintaining the integrity of his asperous voice that has won over so many American folk junkies, Matsson clearly branches out on this album. Recorded over a quiet stretch spent in his native Sweden, Matsson has delved into the world of multi-tracking this time around. The addition of percussion, woodwinds, and extra guitar gives the songs on this album a much fuller sound then in comparison to his previous works.

Besides the newly added multi-tracking on this album, you will hear much of what has made Matsson a fan favourite around the world. The disc is filled with fast-paced, masterfully strummed guitar on display in songs like “criminals” and “1904”. Matsson’s distinctive vocals are on full display in the albums title track, a ballad in which Matsson wails along to a slow and mesmerizing piano.

For already devoted listeners or new fans, The tallest Man on Earth’s latest album will either satisfy high expectations with much of what the swede is best known for as well as adding some new elements to his already fantastic repertoire, or be a mesmerizing introduction to one of the worlds most talented, up and coming performers.

Sam G. is a grade 12 student at FHS.


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