Pink Animals

Animalistic Album
John M.

Pink Floyd’s Animals is without a doubt the most prolific and astounding composition of music ever recorded.

Pink Floyd is a Progressive/Psychedelic Rock band from the UK. The instruments used by this band range from a full orchestra to electric guitars, to achieve whatever effect the band was going for. The band consists of several alternating members, David Gilmour, Roger Walters and Richard Wright.

The album was recorded in the band’s studio Britannia Row, in London.

The part that makes this album stand out in particular is the track entitled Dogs. This song presents in it the most intense musical, emotional and spiritual climax possible in a guitar riff. This particular riff effectively represents depression and intense sadness.

This album is significant because it was where Pink Floyd changed their style and really started to hit the top 200 charts. I feel every single track on this album embodies a different emotion, Dogs is aggression and sadness, Pigs seems to embody curiosity and wonder and so on.

I think that anybody and everybody should listen to this piece of art. This album has long been my favorite and one of the few albums to score 10/10 on; one of the harshest and most critical review sites on the internet.


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