Romeo Santos is saintly

Bachata  a popular Genre in Latin America.

By Laura D.

(Laura’s oral report can be found by clicking this link.)

Album: Formula, Vol. 1
Year:  November 8, 2011
Label: Sony music Latin

Romeo Santos has been a key figure in popularizing Bachata, with songs reaching near the top of the Billboard Latin charts and the top of charts in Europe. He’s well known is Latin America and USA.

Romeo Santos is from New York, USA; He used to be in a band called Aventura but they separated and he ended up signing a contract with Sonic Music.  His genre is Bachata a genre originated in Dominican Republic its subjects are often romantic and is prevalent in the tales of heartbreak and sadness.

This album “Formula, Vol.1” was recorded in 2011 in USA; in this album he has duets with English speakers, making this album not just Spanish but also Spanglish.

This album stands out because since is using Spanish and English in the same songs it makes it interesting since not only Spanish speakers will be able to understand the songs, English speakers will be able to understand them also.

This Album has a duet with Usher he’s a singer-songwriter, actor and a dancer and his genre is R&B, soul, pop and dance. The song Is called Promise and it got a pretty good success in the market, since Usher in a well known artist all around the world.

This album is significant since is using Spanish and English, this album is forgettable since not many people knows him he has more fame around America than other continents.

If you are into the Latin culture, if you like to dance, if you ever end up with a broken heart this album will be perfect for you. I definitely have to give this album 10 out of 10. The songs that this albums has, have really touched my soul. It doesn’t matter how you are feeling, it’ll get adapted to your situation at the moment and the words will describe whatever situation you are going through.

Laura D. is a grade 12 student who’s from Colombia and grew up with these kinds of music genres.


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