Sports this, and sports that!

Let’s give all extracurricular a sportin’ chance 

by Ariel D

At Fredericton High School, sports seem to gain much more attention compared to any other extracurricular activities.

It’s very frustrating for someone who is not interested in sports, or the “jocks” that play them, to hear about them all the time. The games and top scorers are always hyped on the school announcements, which makes sense, but honestly it gets so annoying. Most people who play on the foot-ball team are obnoxious, preppy, “popular” kids that no one wants to hear about most of the time.

Why must athletics receive more praise then the arts department that us as students are so lucky to have here at FHS? You would think the school would be proud that there is such a wide variety of activities they carry, they would brag about them all equally. But sadly, that isn’t the case.

School spirit is always hoisted when it comes to games such as: football and hockey. But for the other entertainment here at FHS, there is no spirit at all. The other groups and clubs have to work ten times as hard to get a good show of participation at their events. It was shocking at how big of an audience from the school supported the production; Chess. They should be very proud of themselves for having such a huge amount of fellow classmates to show their support.

Just recently FHS has been involved in a contest: The Under Armour, Finding Undeniable contest. Winning this contest would only mean benefitting our sports teams, which get so much money towards them anyways. Why would someone like me, want to go and vote in that contest when it would only support those I don’t like, on the sports teams? Don’t get me wrong, I do like some people who play sports here, it is just so aggravating how they get so much more leverage than anyone else in the school.

A school has more than just athletes in it; it’s about time people start paying attention to it.



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