Secretariat: The hose no one wanted rides to the winners circle


By Elena C.

Secretariat may seem like another silly horse movie, but it’s a movie that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat by the end, even though you know how the story ends.

The story of Secretariat is a true underdog story about a woman and a horse who nobody believed in. The movie takes place in the early 70’s when a suburban house wife, Penny Chenery Tweedy, played by Diane Lane, unexpectedly enters the fast paced world of horse racing. With the help of her eccentric trainer Lucien Laurin, who is played by John Malkovich, and Ronnie Turcotte, an aggressive but talented jockey played by Otto Thorwarth, they lead Secretariat into victory, taking everyone by surprise.

The actors all put their heart and soul into this movie. When Diane Lane’s character talks about already feeling like she has won the final race Secretariat runs, you can hear it in the way she is delivering her lines that she truly believes in what she is saying. During the final race of the Triple Crown, when Secretariat and Sham are both head to head with one another, you see all the actors in the crowd cheering and waving their arms in the air. You become trapped in the moment, you no longer feel like you are watching a movie but an actual race, your heart starts pumping, your blood racing waiting to see who will win and who will make history. The actors lose themselves in this scene causing you to lose yourself as well.

Director Randall Wallace doesn’t just create a movie, he recreates history, and he brings the story of Secretariat to life for the people who weren’t there to see it. The way Randall Wallace filmed to movie he made you feel at times as if you were the one riding the horse, and the director had lots of close up shots so you could really get a feel of what it was like to race. The dialogue is always hard for an actor to say just right and because the movie takes place in the early 70’s it makes the tone of the dialogue different than how they would be used to speaking. However the actors rose to the challenge and delivered their lines with such power and honesty.

There were no special effects that were used in the making of this movie. They filmed all the races on location and the majority of the scenes as well. The rest was filmed in a studio. The fact that they didn’t need to use special effects to make the movie makes it all the more real. The music was very powerful; it always captured the mood of the scene. The soundtrack was a great factor in telling the story; the music raised you up and down so you knew how to feel.

Every time I watch this movie I get drawn in by the story, it’s exciting and suspenseful. Even though I know the ending my heart still beats in anticipation, as Secretariats is running, waiting to see if he will win or not. Overall this is a very well done movie that is definitely worth seeing; it’s a chance for all the people who saw Secretariat run before, to see him run again, and an opportunity for all of those who never got to, to experience the impossible.

Elena C. is an FHS student who enjoys timeless movies and horseback riding.


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