Act of Valor: So real, you’d be in there with them

 Worth the Valor?
By Chris S.
Act of Valor
Mike McCoy, Scott Waugh
Bandito Brothers (2012)
Everything back home needs to be in balance“ are the words that begin a tragic operation of the Naval Special Forces.
To stop a terrorism act against the big cities of the United States, the warriors of the Naval Special Forces arechosen to complete the task. In order to get informations about the attack, the Force needs to free Mrs. Morales (Roselyn Sanchez) that is held hostage by Cristo (Alex Veadov). Lieutenant Rorke and his squad are then involved in a bigger war than they realize. After they saved
Mrs. Morales, a race on life and death across the whole world starts. One thing leads to another, and man die, die to protect their country. The movie was directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh.
The actors did a great job in this movie, it seems absolutely realistic and professional. Their strategies and course of action are done so well that it is definetly beliveable. A scene that had great impact on me was, when the sniper kills a gunman on a balk and the other soldier who is underwater catches him with is hands that are just over the water and gently leads the dead gunman into the water.
The lightning of the scences reflects the atmosphere and the mood. Together with the music, it makes you feel as if you were right in the middle of the action. Voices are perfectly adjusted to the surrounding and the situations. It also led to excitement and reflected the feelings of the soldiers. Overall everything worked harmonically togheter and underlined the seriousness of the whole movie.
To give an overview of the situation and who you deal with, computer graphics are added. These show short describtions of the characters, but also about their location. In this way, you are able to keep track of who does what and where they are. To show the other side of the tough soldiers, the soundtrack provides a powerful feeling for the sad soldier, who wants to get back to his family.
Overall, this is the best warmovie I have ever seen. The proffesiency is so beliveable that you really think you are right in the situation. It also differs to the most other movies, because even soldiers from their own Force die, which makes it even more realistic. Then the change of view from third person to first person is also a fascinating experience, you feel like you are the soldier yourself. For me, the movie is just perfect!
Chris S. is a grade 12 student who likes warmovies.

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