From Here to Eternity: The Journey Through High School

The Journey through High School

By Ariel D.

We all remember that special day, the one that goes better for some more than others; that first day of high school. You wake up that morning of the first day, running on barely any sleep. You attempt to look your best, picking out your favorite outfit.

Eventually you are on your way to a building you’re unfamiliar with, butterflies in the pit of your stomach. Yesterday you were top of the school, running the show in grade 8. Now, you’re back at the bottom of the food chain; just a “minor niner”.

In Fredericton, kids that attended and graduated from grade 8 at George Street Middle School, Bliss Carmen Middle School or Keswick Ridge School, attend Fredericton High School the following fall.

Transforming from a school that has between 300-500 students, to one that has about 2000 can be a dramatic change. Along with the population shift, the homework load expands and so does the difficulty of the school work. Once in high school, you are given more responsibility and freedom because you are considered a young adult. You are able to make your own decisions, which can create a challenge in staying on track with your grades.

Logan Dillon, grade 9 student at FHS said he thought high school was going to be like: “Middle school”. He said: “Well, I just thought it wasn’t going to be hard as everyone else did, they were all worried.”

This is a response you don’t get often from a new-comer to high school. Some students are just naturally lucky when it comes to a new change.

“There is so much more responsibility on your shoulders,” Logan did add. But he also claims “It is easy.”

Cassidy Therrien, another grade 9 student at FHS said: “I wasn’t really sure what high school was going to be like, but I knew it was going to be a big change.”

She also noticed the same addition that came along with high school as Logan did: “There was a lot more homework and responsibility.”

When entering grade 9, you feel as those four more years of high school will never end, but it goes by quicker than many think!

“High school intimidated me the first year”, Alyx Boulard, grade 12 student at FHS said.

“I also thought the school work was hard. My outlook on everything now would be that I can’t believe we’re almost graduated! I wish I took more advantage of the first few years.”

A fear for a lot of students when starting their high school career is that they’ll change as a person. Reality is: you’re going to change in some shape or form, no matter what. You just have to embrace it and try to be true to yourself.

“My biggest change, I guess has been me over-all,” Alyx said.

Students are not the only ones who stress and face nervousness as they embark on their new journey.

Sheri Dillon, parent of two children at FHS said: “I was worried that my kids wouldn’t get (understand) the school work. I also was worried about them being bullied.”

Fredericton High provides a variety of groups/clubs for the enjoyment of its students who occupy the school. Joining a group/club can make your high school experience all the more enjoyable. It allows you to feel part of the school and meet new friends. To take some stress off and to have some fun, join something.

“They keep the school active and I think there should be more of them!” Keyaira Gruben, grade 12 student at FHS said. “Some clubs and groups are dumb and a waste of space.”

Another thing students tend to do during high school is getting into a long term relationship. This most often is a waste of time they’ll regret later on. Enjoy your high school years being SINGLE. Even though you feel “older” and “mature”, you’re too young and have so much on your plate to worry about a girlfriend or boyfriend all the time. These are some of the best years, which you can’t get back! Just have fun doing your own thing.

Keyaira has a different opinion when coming to relationships but speaks the truth.

“I would recommend getting into a relationship. There’s no other way you learn about what you want/like and you get more in touch with yourself as you get older.” Although she does admit: “One thing I regret about getting in a relationship is having my heart broken at such a young age and I kind of lost myself.”

Fitting into cliques, is something that is has a huge pressure on everyone. Being socially acceptable is what everyone thrives to do in high school. People need to realize that making yourself happy is what should be the number one priority. You won’t be happy if you have to struggle with fitting in with people, by being someone you’re not.

“I don’t really try to fit in,” Oliver Wassef, another grade 12 student at FHS said. “I used to care, but realized it was dumb once I hit grade 10-11.”

High school is a journey that you’ll never forget. What you do during those years, is up to you. You will make mistakes, but you just have to pick yourself back up and keep pushing forward. Your future starts after graduation, so try to do your best. Some of the decisions you make during high school will depict the rest of your life. Be who you are and have some fun along the way. Everything will turn out fine one way or another.


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